After Care Service

Here at Tiffany’Second Chance we have our own jeweller who provides great services at fantastic prices! Our jeweller has had extensive training in Birmingham’s prestigious jewellery quarter and always completes jobs to the highest standard.

Services available

  • Polishing and Restoration– If you have an item that has become scratched and dull, don’t worry we can get it the brand new look again.
  • Ring Sizing- If your ring no longer fits you we have got you covered! As long as it is possible we can make rings both bigger and smaller.
  • Repairs and Replacements- If you have broken a link, a clasp or anything else we can repair or replace it.
  • Rhodium Plating- If your white gold or platinum items have lost their shine or are starting to discolour; we can Rhodium plate your item to restore the glistening white colour! If you have a yellow or rose gold item that you wish was white gold, we can Rhodium plate it to give it that glistening white gold look.

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