Why buying second hand is a smart decision!

Buying second hand Tiffany Jewellery is a decision that you should be proud of. Buying pre-owned Tiffany & Co jewellery can save you huge amounts of money for the exact same product you can pay more than double the price for if you buy brand new. If you are worried that buying second hand means the piece looks worn and tatty you couldn’t be further from the truth if you buy from us. All of our items have been cleaned and polished to recreate the original finish and the brand new look and if the item still has small signs of wear it will be reflected in the price and detailed in the description.

Another advantage of buying pre-owned Tiffany & Co jewellery is you can buy discontinued and vintage pieces that you can no longer buy brand new.. Some of Tiffany’s most desirable and iconic designs are no longer being retailed and the only way to own them is to buy second hand. Another advantage of buying pre-owned Tiffany & Co jewellery that is no longer being retailed is discontinued items are very hard to find and source so yo are very unlikely to come across people wearing the seame piece as you.